BanBao Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toy For kids


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The stegosaur is a well known dinosaur, due to its striking appearance. This large dinosaur has seventeen pointed bony plates on its whole back. Like that, he can intimidate its enemies and looks larger than it is. In addition, at the end of its tail there are two thorns. In this way, he can protect itself against large carnivorous dinosaurs?The stegnosaur has to be able to protect itself, as it is not very fast. Its straight legs don’t allow it to run, but only to walk slowly. It has therefor a very exciting life, and it? constantly has to watch out, not being attacked by ennemies. Crawl into the body of this stegosaurus and graze on the large fields, and take care not to be attacked by ennemies!? ?Build the stegosaur with the building blocks of BanBao.? Start playing with this dinosaur and experience the world of a million years ago!This toy set consists of one stegosaur.

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