Banbao Future Battlefield Drone


  • Branded
  • Brand: Banbao
  • Age: 4+
  • Premium Quality

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The drone is a combat weapon, equipped with cameras and invisible on the enemy radar. Now climb behind the wheel of the amazing drone, and go looking for the enemy. Down there, you see a large group of ennemies, but what are they planning? When you fly closer, you can see they are prepairing the bomb. This has to be communicated to the base, in order to prevent that this bomb will explode near innocent people!Your warning has been received and a team of ground troops are being send there. From above, you see that the ground troops eliminate the enemy and the mission is brought to a good end!Build this Mission Eagle toy set with building blocks of BanBao, and experience an exciting adventure.? Fly through the air with this drone, and go looking for the enemy! This toy set consists of a drone and a Tobees.

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